Fashion Design

“Blend your ideas together, like colors on a palette. ” Daniel Franco

“I own a stylish wedding chapel in L.A. I started imagining what I’d like to see walk down the aisle.  A two-piece wedding ensemble is wonderfully modern and allows for exact fit. ”  Daniel Franco

“My first love was ultra-tailored clothing.  I love functioning style lines and textured/light shifts in the fabric.  For fall and winter, plush, deep colored fabrics that catch a low sheen of moonlight, I find attractive. ”  DF

“Time is fluid and it’s a design element. The future, the past, the present. Those are ingredients that must be balanced and measured to achieve timelessness. If a design is not timeless, then one has not worked hard enough to achieve timelessness. Timelessness is the pinnacle of design.”  DF

Dipped Watteau back- painterly printed- silk gazar “T-Shirt” cocktail dress by DF. The trim was black gauze tape with black chiffon covered rhinestones embedded on the tape. The open armholes and slightly raised front hem allowed for breeze to make the dress move when the model walked.. even Without a powerful fan.
Daniel Franco